Donation to Little Claws Rescue

Rescue Kitten
Rescue Cats

For those of you who have travelled on our vessel and wonder… What happens to the bottles and cans that are collected on board Aurora. You will find the answer here. The bottles and cans are collected, cleaned and taken to the local recycle centre in Kadina and cashed in. The money collected is saved and then donated to a local charity.

This week two of our team members were very excited to be able to make our first donation of $500 to Little Claws Rescue, located on Owen Tce, Wallaroo.

Check out the great things Amy and the team at Little Claws Rescue are doing. To check them out visit their facebook page  You can check them out on  Here are some of the little guys who are looking for a forever home.

Rescue Kitten
Rescue Cat Playing
Donations to Little Claws Cat Rescue